Message from Mother Gaia (Mother Earth):

Air Pollution and Ascension

Note: 10 days after this message was released, the volcanic eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, caused enormous disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe from 14–20 April 2010, and covered large areas of northern Europe with volcanic ash. About 20 countries closed their airspace (a condition known as ATC Zero) and it affected hundreds of thousands of travellers.

Question: Do you need Adrian Ng to help you do anything today? What does he need to help and how can he help you?

Mother Gaia (Mother Earth):

Yes, he can help to do this now. I see that people on Earth are less pursuant to air in this world. It means that air has absolutely been polluted. He can help to tell people: do not pollute the air further. He can now start to tell people that. He can tell people that in his own way.

Question: Is there significance of 4.44pm today (4 Apr 2010)?

Mother Gaia (Mother Earth):

Yes, women and men on Earth have come together to feel for me today. This time on Earth, the energy will be stronger today. Adrian Ng needs to spread that air problem is something we need to look at now. And this time of year, people are especially not able to do that. And in the Asian countries, a lot of people are doing that (ie. people doing a lot of burning, creating massive air pollution). I would want you to know this also. Life has come to a point where everyone has a part to play now. You may not be able to fulfill that yet. I see that a lot of people on Earth has the lesson to learn, you see. And these are the people that have to know what they are here to do now. I would see that next year onwards, a lot of changes in Earth will happen. I see that life form will be affected.

Yes, for time being, Adrian Ng just needs to do this (ie. tell people not to pollute the air). In times to come, I will tell Adrian more. And he will be able to help the Earth too.

I would want you to know this now. I have come to a point where life forces are at risk now. Be it people or animals. I want this to be done now. Human beings are here to love for their own sake. I would want human beings to know also. Every life on Earth is precious to me. And I want them to know this: human beings are not the most superior form. Every being is equally important here. And life has been in chaos now. Because of this, people ambitiously care for themselves. I want these beings to know. Life will not be the same again. And life will be different way of life very soon. I see that life will come to a point where beings will be equal soon. I see that life has been lesser perfect than life then. I see that life forces will not go on this way. And life form will be different from now on. In the next era of time, people will have much higher consciousness. And then, things will be much different.

Mother Gaia (Mother Earth)

Question: When will you be ascending to next realm?

Mother Gaia (Mother Earth):

I won’t be ascending now. I see that things will not be done so soon. In the next 2-3 years, I will be able to ascend. It would depend on Earth again (when asked if she will choose to ascend). I would not say more on this now.

I want you to know this. Life can’t be the same anymore. People have to know themselves well, what are they here for. Be firm and feel for yourself now. Fulfill what you want to do now. And since then, people will not have more to do. I see that currently, life will be a mess now, because people have not known the Truth of the Earth. I would want you people to know: I see that a lot of things happen because of yourself. And since then, life would be changed. I can’t say more now. Be here with me again. I would tell you more.

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