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Much of the energies on Earth are currently negative, especially in densely populated urban cities such as Singapore. That is one of the main reasons why it is difficult for people in such areas to feel positive and happy for long periods of time, and they are generally more vulnerable to experiencing deteriorating health at faster rate as they grow older. In places which have high amounts of Positive energy and no/minimal negative energies, people feel more positive and happier, and have much better health and greater resistance to illness even when they are old.

It has been known since ancient times that not every area on Earth is equal in terms of positive energetic strength. Imperial Palaces and sacred sites such as Pyramids were built on carefully selected areas, and built to precise sacred geometric measurements, in order to avoid/reduce effects of negative energy and optimise the positive energy flowing to and within the structures. The reason for such precision was to enhance the lives of the ancient Emperors, Royal Families, Egyptian Pharaohs and other ancient country leaders.

In modern times, the need for improving the energy in homes and offices is even more important, due to the high level of daily stress and amounts of electromagnetic bombardments experienced by people. By cleansing the negative energy, and then improving the positive energy in homes/offices will attract more positive situations (eg. Happier Family Relationships, Greater Abundance, More Successful Career, More Conducive Environment for Academic Activities, Better Business Luck, etc).

We provide the following 2 types of services that can help you achieve a much more positive environment in your home/office:

Service 1: Feng Shui Analysis & Consultation

We can carry out Feng Shui Audit/Consultation for your Home and Office to help you better understand the current strengths and weaknesses of the place, and advise you accordingly to Improve the Energy (Qi) in it. We do not sell Feng Shui enhancement products. Our advice is based on natural Universal energy flow and behaviours.

What Our Feng Shui Audit/Consultation Service involves:

1) One visit to your Home/Office

2) Feng Shui Audit Findings and Improvement Advice during the visit

3) Softcopy Universal Feng Shui Report after our visit, to document and complement our Findings and Advice during the visit

What We Need Prior To Our Feng Shui Audit/Consultation Visit:

1) Softcopy Floor-plan of your Home/Office

2) Birth Date and Birth Time of Home Occupants or Office Owner/Boss

Optional Add-on Akashic Records Reading Service:

Akashic Records are Universal memories of a place (or person) on Earth. We obtain additional guidance and advice from the Universe by accessing the Akashic Records of your home/office to provide a valuable source of information to further enhance the energetic condition.

Service 2: Space Clearing (Removing Negative Energy and Bringing in Positive Energy)

(Note: This Service is available to Clients in Singapore as well as Worldwide)

We use highly positive and powerful Universal Energies from the higher dimensions to remove Negative energy from your home/office, and then fill your entire home/office with Positive energy. This powerful cleansing and charging procedure, which is Universal and non-religious, helps by greatly improving the effectiveness of your home/office to Attract Positive situations, as well as improve the health and wellness of the people in your home/office.

People living or working in an environment that has a lot of Negative energy are very likely to be vulnerable to illnesses and negative emotions, which affects their health and can increase the chances of conflicts between them, as well as attract negative situations (often thought of as bad luck).

Service 3: Exorcism and Removing Negative Spirits

(Note: This Service is available to Clients in Singapore as well as Worldwide)

Negative Spirits, Earth-bound Souls, Lost Souls, Ghosts and Demons exist on Earth. They are more commonly found than people are aware of. When they happen to be in your Home/Office or on the land where your Home/Office sits on, they can create all sorts of problems (misfortune, bad luck or health problems) within your home or office. Feng Shui or Astrology alone cannot deal with such spirit issues. We have the spiritual expertise and Universe’s support to help you with such complex issues.

Service 4: Cleansing and Charging Crystals, Gemstone and Jewellery

(Note: This Service is available to Clients in Singapore as well as Worldwide)

If your Home/Office has Crystals, Gemstones or Jewellery placed for decorative, luck or Feng Shui purposes, they can absorb tremendous amounts of negative negative energies in your Home/Office from the place or people, like a sponge. If they are not Cleansed and Charged regularly, they will no longer be effective, as they will contain much more negative energy than positive energy.

If your Crystals, Gemstones or Jewellery have been cleansed, Charging them with very high frequency positive energies will increase their Power, Positive Energy & Effectiveness, to enhance the Energetic Well-Being, Luck and Wellness of your Home/Office and the people in it. Few people have the ability to do this well. However, Adrian Ng of Living Light Universe has the Universal expertise and experience to help you with this.

Service 5: Fortune Telling and Divine Life Guidance
(Note: This Service is available to Clients in Singapore as well as Worldwide)

If you wish to improve your life now, and need all the help you need to overcome difficult life situations, we can help you, with the help of the Universe and the Divine.

Contact Adrian Ng (Geomancer - Feng Shui & Ba Zi Master, Psychic, Master Healer & Life Guide, Keeper of the Destinies of Fate) today, for him to help you transform your Home/Office from a Negatively charged environment to a totally Positively Energised environment, with the help of the Universe!

Contact Us today to start creating a better and more positive life for yourself and your family.

Improving the Energy in your Home or Office can Greatly Enhance the Well-Being of your Family and Employees, by creating a more Positive environment that Attracts Positive situations.

We provide Feng Shui analysis and consultation and/or Space Clearing (Removing Negative Energy and Bringing in Positive Energy) services to help create a Highly Positive environment in your home and office.

We also do Exorcism and Removal of Negative Spirits and Negative Energies in Homes/Offices using Effective, Positive, Compassionate and non-Religious methods.

Service 1: Feng Shui analysis and consultation:

Service 2: Space Clearing (Removing Negative Energy and Bringing in Positive Energy)

Service 3: Exorcism & Removal of Negative Spirits and Negative Energies in Homes/Offices

Service 4: Charging Crystals, Gemstones and Jewellery to Increase Power, Energy & Effectiveness, to Enhance Your Home/Office and Your Personal Well-Being

Service 5: Fortune Telling to Improve Your Life in all aspects

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Some Clients’ Testimonials

Our house used to have spirits for many years. Some of my family members have seen them moving around, while the rest of us have felt their presence or have heard loud footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves. We were experiencing so much health problems and bad luck in our lives.

We had engaged many Exorcists, Spiritual Masters and Feng Shui Masters over the years but none of them were able to help us. Yet, a number of them charged exorbitant rates. Sometimes, the spirits were even more angry after the Masters left, and the disturbances became worse.

That was when we decided to engage Master Adrian Ng. The other Masters we had engaged before, used rituals and all sorts of equipment. But Adrian’s method was completely different. During Adrian’s session, he told us the background of the spirits in our house, and why they were angry with us. He then carried out the clearing, and did a blessing of our house. We finally have peace in our house and lives after so long! It was such a relief!

~ JY, Singapore

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