How To Have Good Luck? We Can Help You Improve Your Luck. It Starts Now!

By Adrian Ng

Do you feel like your Luck is really bad, as compared to others around you? Do you feel like your life is not going smoothly the way you will like it to be? Do you wish to be Lucky and Happy in Life? Do you wish to have Abundance in Your Life? It is Time Now to make that Positive Transformation in Your Life!

Many people wish to Have Good Luck and Be Lucky, and hunt all over the place for that illusive good luck. Many people resort to all sorts of methods, in the hope of having good luck. Most do not find what they hope to find. Some thought they had found it, but only to have bitter regrets later on. Please read on to the end of this article, and we will share with you how you can Have Good Luck with Positive Outcomes.

Some of you may have heard or read of real-life cases in the world where people have won top prizes in lottery worth millions of dollars, enjoyed a short period of time of extreme happiness of much wealth, but later lost more money than they had originally won, and worse still, their families broke up as well. Perhaps some of you may have heard of other real-life cases where people resorted to ‘negative means’ of getting temporary good luck, eg. seeking the help of negative spirits/entities, then won huge sums of money in lottery, but later ended up losing all their entire fortune and/or some family member died of unnatural causes or suffered mental breakdown. Sounds scary, but they happen in real life.

Why do you think the above real-life examples happen? It is because of Universal Laws and the ‘Universal mechanics’ that determine how people’s lives operate. Many people do not know how the Universe really works, and ended up paying a huge price for it by making negative choices, and learning unnecessarily bitter life lessons as a result.

Actually, what is Good Luck? Many people believe that Life is random, and that every moment of our lives is made up of totally random events and situations. So, if random events turn out good for us, it means we have good luck; if random events turn out badly for us, it means we have bad luck. Life seems like pure ‘chaos’ and random, and that you have absolutely no control over what happens in the next moment or future of your life.

The truth is Life is Not Random. There is Intelligent Chaotic Order in the Universe. However, the Order can only be seen, felt and understood fully, when we venture into the higher dimensions of the Universe. By seeing, judging and interpreting our life in this world in 3 dimensions (3D), as most people are used to, Life will not make sense, and it will appear to be totally random, and that they are victims of Life’s circumstances, for better or for worse.

Everything in the Universe is made up of Energy, in various forms of different vibrational frequencies, no matter which dimension. There is a Universal Law of Attraction that dictates that Like Attracts Like, ie. Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy and Negative Energy Attracts Negative Energy. If you wish to Have Good Luck (Positive Energy), you need to first be able to Have Positive Energy to Attract Good Luck (Positive Outcomes).

If you have no Positive Energy, you will simply continue to keep looking for Good Luck with no success all your life. If you use Negative Energy and hope to get good luck, you will Attract Negative Energy (Negative Outcomes) instead. If you have lots of Negative Energy within you, you will naturally Attract Negative Energy (Negative Outcomes) even if you don’t do anything. And this is why you hear of different variations of the common phrase: “Disasters never happen Singly; Disasters often come together”.

The reason is if you have a lot Negative Energy in you, your life will naturally be bad, even disastrous or dangerous. Your health will likely suffer. You attract nasty people who create trouble for you. You suffer much unhappiness in your personal, romantic, family and/or work relationships. You lose money easily. You lack money making opportunities. You often struggle financially, to make ends meet. You have a hard time getting a job, and keeping a job. The list goes on.

But you need not continue suffering anymore. We can help you Turn Your Life Around Positively and Have Good Luck (Positive Outcomes) in Your Life! We do not offer you a magic pill that will give you instant good luck, so that you can win the top prize in the lottery. Instead, we help you to clear your Negative Energy and Increase and Grow Your Positive Energy, so that you can Attract Good Luck (Positive Outcomes) throughout Your Life.

Of course, Having Good Luck is not as simple as Having Positive Energy. Everyone’s life is unique, because you each have your own unique life plan that you had agreed to prior your birth in your current life. Your life plan determines what compulsory life lessons you need to experience and learn, in order to be a more evolved soul, ie. More Positive Person/Soul.

Living Light Universe aims to help everyone who wishes to understand the Universe better, and how to Live Harmoniously and Positively within the Universe, to Improve their lives Positively. You are reading this because you wish to Have Good Luck to Improve Your Life. We can help you, but we must highlight that you also need to take an important responsibility for your own life.

We can help you Clear Your Negative Energy and Increase Your Positive Energy, as well as Guide and Teach You to overcome your life plan’s obstacles, and continue to Grow Your Positive Energy, so that you can enjoy Having Good Luck (Positive Outcomes) for the Rest of Your Life. If you wish to Live Your Life Well and Enjoy Good Luck, Contact Us Today about our Good Luck Service!

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During the session, Adrian was aware and sensitive of the situation as well as my concerns and will offer advice accordingly. That, I guess is expected of a Master Soul Being. Amazing.”

~ Wai Keat, Singapore

Adrian, thanks for the DNA activation session. One thing that I had realized after DNA activation is the disappearance of "heavy heartedness". It is definitely a wonderful feeling.

Walter G. Prabhakar, Singapore

Dear Adrian,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the session. Thank you for your patience and professionalism. I believe that it helped the whole process a great deal. The QHHT session was unlike anything I had experienced before . I was very nervous and worried as it was the first time I was doing something like this. But I was ready for some kind of change and hoping that I will recieve some direction or answers. I am glad that I managed to experience something truly wonderful. Getting to connect with my guide was something I did not expect and it was quite transformational. After the session, I felt very energised and relaxed. I felt calmer and more at peace. I am glad that I did the session. It has helped me remove some subconscious blocks and give me the assurance that I can move forward with the guidance and answers that I have been given.

Thank you so much and god bless,

Gayathri R., Singapore


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