Importance of Accessing Past Lives, Life Between Lives and Higher Consciousness

By Adrian Ng

By default, most people (not all) suffer from ‘soul/spirit amnesia’ when they are born, as imposed by the Universe. This is done to allow people to live their lives with considerable freedom to go in all directions. However, the unfortunate outcome is that over the span of time, too many people have totally forgotten their planned life lessons and life purpose that they need to fulfill in order for them to complete their lifetimes successfully.

As a result, the Universe, together with the agreement of people’s souls prior to birth, had to put in place more and more difficult life and health challenges to push them towards positive directions where they can have higher chances of fulfilling their soul contracts.

What this means for people is that they can end up having all forms of serious illnesses (even life threatening) and traumatic life experiences, in order to provide enough subconscious motivation for them to change their life directions and themselves in a positive manner, so as to help them fulfill what they are required to do.

A small percentage of people do finally manage on their own, which is why often people who have overcome life threatening illnesses or near death experiences end up going through major positive transformations of their personalities, mindset and behaviours. However, many people are still struggling very badly with their lives, and end up failing to complete their soul contracts successfully.

On top of failing to fulfill planned life lessons and life purpose, many people still have a lot of negative karma that they have yet to clear in their previous lifetimes. All these causes a snowballing effect of making each lifetime more and more difficult. This unique lifetime for everyone involves an accelerated (or Spiritual Quickening) of Karmic Clearing and spiritual growth, but it can go either way for people.

For people who have no more negative karma to clear, and are successfully fulfilling their life lessons and soul contracts, they will experience much accelerated spiritual growth. For people who have a lot of negative karma to clear, and are not fulfilling their life lessons and soul contracts, life can be extremely tough, as they can experience life threatening illnesses and painful life experiences.

Majority of people around the world currently fall between these 2 extreme scenarios, but are still struggling and suffering from difficult relationship, health and life issues, which cannot be resolved using various methods, without the Universe’s help.

It will get more and more important for people to heal themselves (in health and life aspects) to live well and happily, and hence, Living Light Universe is helping many people now to Remember and Access their Past Lives through our unique and powerful form of Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness in order to Resolve their Current Life and Health issues, with the help of the Universe’s resources and assistance.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Thanks Adrian for guiding me to experience a totally different perspective of my life. Adrian conducted my session smoothly and professionally.  Under his patient guidance, I was able to gather useful information from my past life, to meet and seek advices from my guides at the higher realm and to address my current life issues by having a special 'conversation' with my highest self. I am grateful for what I have gained from this Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. It was an enjoyable and amazing experience.

With love and many blessings,

Hoon, Singapore

Dear Adrian

It is an amazing discovery of Self Journey inward with Adrian guidance!

I’m able to access my subconscious mind for information and visualize my past life story that I can’t easily get information from any physical books out there regards about my life.

We may have brought some of the issues from our past lives to our present reincarnation unknowingly. With Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I’m able to get straight to the point where I have created blockage Subconsciously in this present live.

Realization and acceptance of what are the issues that causing fears blockage help to eliminate it infinitely now.

As we have a choice whether to generate from fear-based or love-based energy.

I’m blessed to have met Adrian and Appreciated for his work service to awaken our brothers and sisters.


Jaslynn Ong, Singapore


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