Past Life & Spiritual Regression, Connect With Your Higher Consciousness & Divinity to Improve Your Current Life & Know Your Life Answers through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Your current Health and Life issues, especially the cases which cannot be resolved or healed by normal ways, are often the result of unresolved events and issues from your Past Lives as well as agreements made in your Soul Contracts during your Life Between Lives in the Higher Realms or Heaven (as better known by many people). You have many questions about your current life, which you have been unable to find answers to, which either trouble or mystify you. We can help you find those answers to help improve your current life.

Adrian Ng can help you to go deep within yourself to regain your forgotten Universal Wisdom and Healing Power by Accessing your Past Lives and Higher Consciousness.

We do far more than typical Past Life Regression therapies. If you have experienced Past Life Regression, we can help you even further than what you have done before. We can bring you to your Higher Consciousness and Life Between Lives as well as bring you to visit and obtain life guidance and healing from your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Source/God/All-that-Is/Prime Creator and Soulmates, depending on your current life issues and readiness to Explore, Discover, Learn and Grow.

It is Time Now for everyone to find out important facts about your life, to help you live more happily. The Universe and Adrian Ng wish very much to help you obtain Important and helpful information for your life now, but you have the Freewill and Choice to reject or Accept Our Help Now.

Rest assured that the Universe will only give you information that you are currently ready to know, and that the information will be useful and helpful for you at this very point of your life. Any information that you receive from within yourself, with our help, is meant to help you improve your current life. This is Adrian Ng’s Role in the Universe, and he takes his role seriously, to help you.

You have come here today, because you have been subconsciously looking for information about your life for a long time. It Is Time Now for you to Know Your Life Better on a much deeper level, and improve your life, so you can Light Up Your Life and Live Happier!

Note: It does not matter what religion you have, or if you have no religion. The Universe and Adrian Ng of Living Light Universe help everyone equally. Knowing more about your life helps you to connect more deeply within yourself, and enhances your life in all aspects.

By knowing more about your eternal life, you can then be able to overcome your life challenges and issues better. Wisdom and Knowledge is Power.

Receive your Power today to Live a Happier and More Positive Life!

Email or Call Us today to Book A Session with us to experience it for yourself.

You will Be Amazed and Enlightened, just like our many clients have.

It is Time To Remember who you really are, so you can Live Your Highest Dreams Now.

It is Time To Remember your Life Purpose, so you can live your life meaningfully and in the positive direction.

It is Time To Know what your Higher Consciousness, your Soul, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and the Higher Beings in the Higher Realms want you to know and learn, so you can Live Well and Fulfil your Life Purpose.

It is Time To Understand the Root Causes of your current life issues, and Resolve those Root Causes permanently, so you can live your current life well and happily.

Your Soul & Higher Consciousness holds immense Universal Wisdom. We can help you access that Wisdom and Power from within yourself to Heal and Resolve your current life’s life issues, as well as Find Out Answers to Your Life.

We help you regain your Forgotten Wisdom and Power, and Access your Past Lives to Resolve your Current Life issues, using Dolores Cannon’s Extremely Powerful Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Our highly experienced and effective Master Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist and Self-Hypnosis Trainer, Adrian Ng, was trained by the late Dolores Cannon, a renowned pioneering hypnotherapist, International teacher, speaker and author, who has written many books such as “Between Death & Life”, “The Convoluted Universe” series, “Conversation with Nostradamus” series and “The Three Waves of the Volunteers and the New Earth” etc.

Adrian Ng has a Universal role as Keeper of the Destinies of Fate, and has had many past lifetimes of Helping, Healing, Teaching and Guiding people on Earth and in the Universe, to Live Well, Fulfil their Destinies, and Advance Spiritually and Positively.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, QHHT

(Dolores Cannon’s specialised technique), ie. Past Life Regression & Accessing Higher Consciousness:

Akashic Records Soul Reading & Healing

Services Provided

Hi Adrian,

I'm writing to let you know what a wonderful experience I had for both the Deep Healing session and QHHT. Before the session, I kept seeing numbers in repeated pattern such as 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and somehow felt it was from the higher source that is calling me. During the QHHT session, guided by your gentle voice, I felt a strong force that is taking over my physical body and He declared He is the Source of all Source and Creator of the Universe and all the physical problems I'm having right now is because He is coming up and taking procession of my Being.

Thank you Adrian for the work you do! You are a guide and light unto Ascending Beings.

~ B, China

Dear Adrian,

The two past lives I visited made a lot of sense to my current life situation. With your guidance I was able to uncover the past hurts and wounds to achieve a deeper sense of catharsis. The experience reaffirmed my life purpose for this lifetime and made me all the more thankful for finding my soul mate I lost a thousand years ago.

It was an huge surprise for me to so vividly see and recall the ascension guided by ArchAngels Michael and Raphael. They brought me to see Jesus who affirmed my life's purpose and told me that I was an angel who chose to return over and over because I see the people suffering. Quite a surprise for someone like me! Indeed, certain things are Universal such as spirituality.

What was shared made so much sense to me that current obstacles are no long major issues and the good that was done was affirmed.

Thank you Adrian, for I could even see that you were one of my Guides in my past. Perhaps that is why I found you just when I am facing doubts about my purpose. You guided me to see my past and affirmed my path for this life.

~ Dave, Singapore

It was such an amazing QHHT session with Adrian. As one who constantly works on self via meditation and coaching, QHHT opens another door to connect to my inner self. For the first time in life, I directly communicate with my subconsciousness, which gives me the clarity on my career direction, relationship issue as well as health issue. It simply feels right and touched listening to my heart/instinct/subconsciousness. It gave me the peace and motivation to follow my dreams.

I highly recommended Adrian as a healer, who is committed, professional and caring.

~ Lucas Zhang, Sichuan, China

I had previously experienced Past Life regression and Hypnotherapy sessions elsewhere, but it was here at this session (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) that I received insightful answers that shed light on several lifelong issues, as well as useful advice and guidance that I can and will continue to tap into in the future.

Thank you very much Adrian for your patience, advice and kind empathy. I am sure you will continue to help many others with your rare gift and skilled insight.

~ L, Singapore

Adrian conducted the session very professionally. He was patient, compassionate, understanding and sensitive of my situation.

My QHHT session with Adrian was very beneficial as he guided me to three past lives which gave me insight and a lot of clarity with regards to the recurring patterns in my present relationships with my family, colleagues and also business associates. I achieved what I intended before attending his session. It is short of miraculous to say that I am healthier, calmer and more at peace with myself and the people around me.

I am very grateful that I took the choice to complete the connection to light up my life today.

Thank you Adrian, keep up your good work.

~ Claire, Singapore


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