Past Life Regression, Afterlife, Higher Realms, Heaven & Hell


As more and more people are becoming open to understanding about the Universe and the afterlife from a Universal and non-religious perspective, they will naturally discover that everyone is an eternal soul within a physical body that changes from lifetime to lifetime. For much of human history, only the small minority of spiritually advanced people, who had actual direct experiences with the higher wisdom and intelligences of the Universe, could find out themselves what actually happens in the afterlife. The large majority of people very much depended their understanding of the afterlife on information that has been passed down through religious texts, folk tales or hearsay. As a result, there is much fear and confusion about the afterlife and the process of death among many people.

Common Myths About Afterlife and Death

• they would be gone forever and never to exist again

• they would never see their loved ones (eg. parents, children, spouses, lovers, etc) ever again

• they do not need to be responsible for their negative actions and behaviour as long as they worship a powerful Higher Being

• they would live in eternal torture in the afterlife for the mistakes they had made when they were alive

• life in the afterlife is like life on Earth where they still need material stuff and food to survive

Believing such myths can have a serious and unhealthy impact on people’s lives, as their life perspective then revolves around fears and negativity. For example, many people believe that they only live once, so whatever they do in this life has a complete end when they die. Hence, they lead their lives recklessly or have no qualms about causing harm to others, as long as they achieve their personal goals. People who believe they are given automatic and special immunity against any consequences if they worship a powerful Higher Being, may continue to carry out negative actions against others or lead their lives in a negative way that causes problems or harm to others.

People who believe that they will go to a place in the afterlife known as Hell for the wrongs they had done, can experience tremendous fears when they get older or when they have some major illness. Reason is they are afraid that once their lives end, their next phase of existence will be eternally hellish so they tend to live in fear of the future.

People who believe the afterlife is like life on Earth, think they can prepare for a good afterlife by spending large amounts of money that will provide them with cash, cars, houses, mobile phones, servants, and even airplanes that they can use in the afterlife.

Actual Spiritual Experiences Dispel Myths

As Earth is evolving, and the level of consciousness of people on Earth is rising, it is now possible for people to learn and understand more about their soul existence, life purpose, life lessons, past lives, and what happens in the afterlife, through actual spiritual experiences. If people are able to get into a very deep meditative and spiritual state of consciousness, they can access such spiritual information about themselves.

Self-Meditation To Recall Past Life Memories

Step 1: Lie down, with eyes closed, and make yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible, without falling asleep. Slow, deep breathing helps to deepen your state of relaxation.

Step 2: Imagine your whole body is surrounded by bright white light, and mentally ask for this white light to protect you throughout this meditation process. This is an important step, as there are many spiritual realms in the Universe that you can potentially visit, so you need to ensure you are kept safe.

Step 3: Mentally, ask the Universe to guide you to recall your past lives during this meditation session.

Step 4: Visualise yourself standing at the beginning of a long passageway. Along this long passageway are rows of doors which are closed.

Steps 5: As you walk along this passageway, use your own intuition and find a door that you would like to open.

Step 6: Once you have chosen a particular door, open it, and walk through it. You will enter a scene of a particular past life that the Universe wants you to see.

Step 7: Observe whatever past life memories you receive, as if you are watching a movie of your past life.

Step 8: Once you have finished exploring the past life that you were shown, mentally, ask that you wish to return to your current life, and not be affected by what you had just seen.


For people to be able to do past life regression on their own consistently would require a very high level of mind-mastery and discipline, to overcome the common problem of constant interference by the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the part of the mind that is always filled with all sorts of thoughts that cause stress, worries and anxiety. The conscious mind operates at Beta brain wave state, which has no connection to the spiritual realms, so you would not be able to recall your past lives or receive any spiritual information in this state. You need to reach the Theta brain wave state, a very deep and relaxed meditative state in order to be connected to the spiritual realms and access your higher consciousness.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, QHHT
Past Life Regression & Accessing Higher Consciousness

Fortunately, there is a much easier way for people to have an effective past life regression and powerful spiritual experience, through a form of therapy called “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)” that can bring people to the Theta brain wave state. QHHT is a Universal and non-religious technique that was developed and refined over the last 45 years by Dolores Cannon, a renowned pioneering hypnotherapist, International teacher, speaker and author, who has written many books such as “Between Death & Life”, “The Convoluted Universe” series, “Conversation with Nostradamus” series and “The Three Waves of the Volunteers and the New Earth”.

Adrian Ng, a Dedicated Practitioner of QHHT, Past Life Regressionist and Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH), had been taught by Dolores Cannon on the advanced uses of QHHT, and has since been using this technique to help many people in Singapore and various parts of the world to experience past life and spiritual regression as well as accessing their higher consciousness to find out about their past lives, heal their past life issues that are affecting their current lives, find out their life purpose as well as connecting to the higher wisdom and Higher Beings of the Universe. QHHT is more than a typical Past Life Regression therapy, as it is able to help clients go into even deeper states of higher consciousness, for them to connect with and receive guidance or help from their Higher Consciousness (Higher Self or Soul) as well as the Higher Beings of the Universe, such as their Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Deities, spiritually advanced Extra-terrestrial Beings and even God/Source.

From the many Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) sessions that Adrian has conducted for his clients over the years, much Universal and spiritual knowledge have been obtained. His clients come from all parts of the world, and of different nationalities and spiritual/religious beliefs. But the common thing about all of them is that they wish to improve their lives significantly.

Below is a summary of some of the knowledge about the afterlife that is consistently received by Adrian Ng’s clients.

Any Problems In Remembering Past Lives?

Some people are worried about remembering their past lives, especially scenes of trauma or times when they carried out negative actions against others. With proper facilitation by an experienced therapist, the procedure is not only completely safe, but also very beneficial in helping people to heal and clear past life issues that are causing problems in their current lives. The experience is very much like watching a movie of your past lives in your mind. An experienced therapist will be able to guide the client to have a proper closure to past life memories, after the recollection process, to ensure a safe process. The benefits will be addressed in the later section “Benefits of Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness”.

What Happens After Death In Past Lives?

Our eternal soul lives on forever, after we die. Generally, people would have lived many past lifetimes before, and would have lived and died many times prior to their current lives. During the final moments of a past life and immediately after their death, people would often reflect on that particular lifetime, such as the lessons learnt as well as mistakes made. The regrets often become unresolved past life issues that can cause problems in people’s current lives. For example, a person who died in a past life with regrets of hurting his friend in that lifetime, could be reincarnated in this current life, where the situation is reversed, and his friend is now the one making life very difficult for this person.

Upon death, people’s souls leave their bodies instantly, without any prolonged suffering, even if they had died a traumatic death, eg. major accident, natural disaster or were murdered. Once their souls are out of their physical bodies, their physical bodies would have died, as the physical body cannot continue to live without a soul within it. Once their souls leave their physical bodies, their souls would return to the Higher Realms (or Heaven, a term often used by people).

The Higher Realms is not a physical place, as how we humans are used to perceive places and locations. Earth exists in a 3-dimensional physical realm, where every place on Earth is a physical location that people need to travel by some form of transportation to get there. At that physical location, everyone sees and experiences the exact same thing that is there at a certain point of time.

Upon death, people’s souls will be able to get to the Higher Realms by crossing over from Earth’s physical realm to the higher dimensions of the Universe. Some people describe this journey as travelling through a tunnel of light, while others feel as if they simply float up there. The Higher Realms is not really “up there in the sky”, but from people’s perspective of Earth’s 3-dimensional world, the only directions they can go is up, down, left, right, front or back. In reality, when we travel from Earth’s 3-dimensional physical realm to the higher dimensional Higher Realms, we can simply disappear from here and appear there, without much hassle.

As souls have more lifetimes of experiencing the process of Birth/Death and reincarnation, they will find the transition from one realm to another to be a very quick and simple process. Souls who have less experience may need their Spirit Guides to meet them upon their death, to help guide them with the transition. Spirit Guides are more advanced people/Beings who exist in the Higher Realms, and their roles are to guide people on Earth with their lives. This is why some people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) describe their experiences of meeting some person/Being who is very loving and kind. Souls who have more experience can make the post-death transition themselves.

Higher Realms (Commonly Referred To As Heaven)

The Higher Realms is not a ‘single place’ but is made up of different levels of frequencies, dimensions and consciousness, and many people refer to it collectively as “Heaven”. The feeling that everyone has of the Higher Realms is the same, ie. they will generally describe it as heavenly, blissful and very peaceful. People’s souls would naturally arrive at the appropriate level in the Higher Realms based on their vibrational frequencies. Higher level (more spiritually advanced) souls have higher frequencies, and would be able to enter the higher levels of the Higher Realms.

Once souls are back in the Higher Realms, regardless of which level they are in, if they wish to meet the souls of their loved ones from any of their past lives, it is possible to do so, easily. In the Higher Realms, even enemies from past lives are on positive terms with each other, because every soul’s true essence is of a positive nature.

At the higher levels of the Higher Realms, souls would learn more complex matters and knowledge about the Universe, and would be trained to help and guide souls with less spiritual experience. At the lower levels of the Higher Realms, souls would focus more on learning about the mistakes of their recent past lives, how to avoid those mistakes in future, and also in preparing for their next lifetime.

Regardless of a soul’s advancement level, there would always be more advanced souls in the Higher Realms whom they receive training or guidance from. As souls gain more experience from all their lifetimes, they will advance spiritually, and be ready to teach and guide others. It is a never-ending learning and growing experience in the Higher Realms and in the Universe.

For souls who had just completed a recent lifetime involving a traumatic death experience or had an extremely difficult lifetime of much suffering, they may need healing first upon returning to the Higher Realms, before rejoining the other souls. There are special places in the Higher Realms that can help in this healing process. There are also high level souls here who can help with the healing process. After healing, every soul is restored to a positive state of energy.

A point to highlight is that no matter what physical disabilities, illnesses or injuries a person had at the point of death, his soul would be restored to a perfectly healthy and complete condition back in the Higher Realms. This is possible because souls are essentially energy when they are no longer in a physical body. The physical body that the soul had used for a lifetime is just a temporary vehicle for his experiences in that lifetime. Upon death, that physical body or vehicle no longer serves any purpose, and he is restored to his non-physical soul state.

This is also why souls in the Higher Realms no longer live the same way of life as on Earth, because they no longer have physical bodies, so have no need for food and all the material stuff used when they were alive on Earth. Souls have everything they need in the Higher Realms. Souls, in their true essence, no longer have the attributes of typical human beings on Earth, so would not desire to own material possessions and luxury items in the Higher Realms.


Once people’s souls are back in the Higher Realms, after some time, they would be required to reincarnate back to Earth or any other planets in the Universe, to continue their soul learning journey. Generally, souls with a lot of outstanding negative karma to clear, would reincarnate quite quickly after each lifetime, because they have much more learning to do. Souls would undergo a Council meeting with their Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings of the Universe to prepare for their upcoming lifetime, taking into consideration their karma and life lessons. There is a lot of extremely complex planning involved in this process, as every soul is interconnected with many other souls through many lifetimes.

All their past life memories would then be cleared temporarily, and part of their soul energy would be sent to be integrated into the physical bodies of their next lifetime. This normally happens when the bodies are still in the foetus stage. From then on, their new lifetime begins, and ideally, people can then carry on their lives in the most positive way, else they would find themselves stuck in a never-ending Cycle of Rebirth.

The reason for clearing the past life memories from a person at the start of each new lifetime can be compared to preparing for a test. If people already have all the answers to a test without first learning what is required, they would not be able to learn effectively. However, if people are struggling to overcome and clear their current lives’ obstacles that were the result of past life issues, or if they simply wish to speed up their soul learning journey, then Past Life Regression and QHHT can help them with the necessary learning and clearing.

Enlightenment and Ending the Cycle of Rebirth

When souls have advanced to a level where they are considered by the Universe to have learnt enough to live positively, they may choose to stay in the Higher Realms without reincarnating anymore. This is what is commonly known as “Enlightenment”, “Liberation from the Cycle of Rebirth” or “Stepping Off the Wheel of Karma”. Advanced souls who no longer need to reincarnate may still choose to reincarnate occasionally to help or teach other human beings on Earth, so they can also advance spiritually and get out of the Cycle of Rebirth. Advanced souls have a strong natural desire to help others.

Is There Hell?

Many people believe in a place called Hell, the direct opposite of Heaven. So, does Hell actually exist? As explained in an earlier section, there are many possible dimensions that a soul can potentially go to, upon death, depending on his vibrational frequency and state of his energy. For the large majority of souls, they would go to parts of the Higher Realms which feel really peaceful and continue with their soul learning.

For the very small minority of souls who had repeatedly done extremely terrible things in many of their past lives, without making the effort to learn to be more positive souls, upon their death, their state of consciousness and energy would have been too ‘damaged’ and overwhelmed with negative energies. For such rare cases, their souls need to first undergo an intensive healing process, to restore their energy to a more positive state, before they can be ready to rejoin the other souls in the Higher Realms. The process would involve them reflecting on their past negative deeds, and this can result in them feeling the pain and suffering they had repeatedly caused others. The experience of this intense healing process may lead people to feel they are in Hell.

Every soul would have had past lifetimes when they were positive, as well as when they were negative, as that is the way souls can truly learn in terms of overall experience. Souls who had done negative deeds would need to learn through the karmic consequences, whether in the same lifetime or in a future lifetime. If a person needs to experience very serious karmic consequences for his negative deeds, that experience of suffering is effectively ‘Hell on Earth’. For example, a person “A” had killed another person “B” in a past life. In this current life, they are both reincarnated to balance their karmic issues from that past life. In this current life, person “A” is now a timid wife married to person “B”, an extremely abusive and controlling husband. Such a karmic consequence is what person “A” would feel as “Hell”.

Karma and Consequences

Many people believe that they simply “turn to ashes” when they die, so whatever they did when they were alive does not matter. On the contrary, everything a person does when he is alive is important, as every choice, every action and every thought has karmic consequences. Karma is essentially the Universal consequence of our choices, actions and thoughts, and is neutral by nature. During our lifetime, when we do something positive, like helping others, we are gathering positive consequences, ie. positive/good karma. When we hurt someone, whether physically, verbally or emotionally, we are incurring negative consequences, ie. negative/bad karma.

As long as a person has not learnt from his negative karmic issues yet, he would be expected to experience the consequences, regardless of his religious/spiritual beliefs. All the positive Higher Beings of the Universe would expect human beings to learn how to live positively in their all their lifetimes.

Think of karma as our bank account’s balance. When we have more positive balance (savings) in our account, we can use them to lead a much more comfortable life. On the other hand, when we have negative balance (debt) in our bank account, we will need to repay those debts, and if the debts are substantial or growing quickly, our life would be very difficult.


When we have built up substantial positive karma through all our lifetimes, we can lead more enjoyable current and future lifetimes. People whom we have helped in our past lives often repay us in our current or future lifetimes. For example, if you had helped to provide food and shelter to the poor in a past lifetime, those poor people whom you had helped could have reincarnated as people who will help you significantly in your current life eg. as a very understanding and supportive boss, a very kind and loving parent/spouse/child, or a wealthy client who gives you a lot of business opportunities.

When we have built up substantial negative karma through all our lifetimes, we would naturally experience much suffering in our current and future lifetimes, as the Universe requires us to re-balance our karmic debts to learn from them. People whom we have hurt in our past lives often turn the tables on us in our current or future lifetimes.

Some examples of how past life karmic issues can affect our current life:

• A person “A” had killed or cheated another person “B” in a past lifetime.  In this current life, person “B” has reincarnated as someone who will make life very difficult for person “A”, eg. as a very nasty boss, a very aggressive and hostile parent/spouse/child or a friend/lover who betrays and cheats person “A” of all his savings.

• A person who had cheated many people of money in a past life, is now having constant major financial problems in his current life.

• A person had abused his power as a leader (of a country, organization or spiritual group, etc), and had caused much pain and suffering to many people in a past life. In his current life, he could be made to suffer being constantly under people in power, whether at work, in the community or in his family.

• A person often played with and hurt the feelings of her many lovers in her past life, in order to gain selfish material benefits like money or luxury items. In her current life, she keeps falling in love with men who do not love her genuinely, but simply take advantage of her feelings for them.

Past Life Vows/Oaths

People who had experienced past lifetimes where they were in very strict religious organizations or had been extremely obedient in following religious norms, were likely to have made past life vows/oaths of celibracy or sacrificing their material comforts to dedicate their whole lives to their religion. Most people are not aware that any vows/oaths made to the Universe is effective throughout eternity and across lifetimes, until they make the conscious choice to cancel their vow/oath. People who had made vows/oaths in their past lives could suffer in their current lives, eg. they are not able to attract anyone to get married to, or they cannot stay in a marriage, or they remain poor.


Past Life Injuries

It is common for people who had died from a traumatic experience in a past life to carry the memories of that injury to their current life, causing a physical body defect or health condition that cannot be healed through normal medical treatments. For example, a person who was killed by a fatal gunshot or stab wound to his chest in a past life, can experience constant severe pain in the exact same area of his chest, even though doctors are unable to find any physical problem.  

Life Purpose in Different Lifetimes

Lessons learnt from previous lifetimes enable people’s souls to advance and grow spiritually, and increase in vibrational frequencies. When souls are young, ie. they have few lifetimes of experience, their life purpose would be more of learning to take care of their own well-being. Once souls have gained enough experience after many lifetimes, their life purpose in subsequent lifetimes would involve greater responsibilities like taking care of others’ well-being. Life purpose of spiritually advanced souls (commonly known as “Old Souls”) can be very complex, and would involve teaching people about how Life in the Universe works, and teaching people how to live positively, as well as using powerful spiritual/psychic abilities to help others or improve the world.

Every soul is unique, and so everyone’s life purpose can be very specific and unique. It is common for people’s current life purpose to be connected to their past life experiences, eg. to continue a certain major project or task that they had failed in a past life. A person’s life purpose is what drives a person on a deep subconscious level to do something meaningful to him. If he is not fulfilling his life purpose, he would have a strong nagging feeling that his life is empty or meaningless.

Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, QHHT (Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness)

Most people would have lived many past lifetimes before their current lifetime, so it is common for people to have unresolved issues in many of their past lives. These unresolved issues could involve conflicts or issues with different people or about different scenarios. If people have not cleared those karmic debts or learnt from unresolved past life issues yet, they would experience problems in their current lives.

It is difficult for many people to overcome their past life issues that are still unresolved, because they cannot remember the mistakes they had made, and so continue to suffer the consequences in their current lives. During a past life regression session, people would be able to remember and understand the root cause of their current life problems that had originated from their past lives’ unresolved issues, and be helped to clear those issues. Past life vows/oaths and past life injuries could also be cleared and healed during the session. Once past life issues are cleared and resolved, their resulting current life problems would come to an end.

People’s current life purpose information is not available through past life regression. However, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is not only able to carry out past life regression, but is also able to help people in the following spiritual aspects. During a QHHT session, it is possible for people to connect with their Higher Consciousness (also known as Higher Self and Soul) and meet with their Spirit Guides and other Higher Beings of the Universe to find out about their current life purpose, as well as obtain higher level Universal guidance, help and healing for their current life matters.

NOTE: The terms and names used to describe aspects of the afterlife in this article may be known by other names. While the information provided applies for most people, there are other more complex situations and Universal information not covered here that is beyond the scope of this article.

To experience Past Life Regression and QHHT, please contact: Adrian Ng, Keeper of the Destinies of Fate

Certified Past Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist (NGH)

Dedicated Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

(Past Life Regression & Accessing Higher Consciousness):

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Dear Adrian,

The two past lives I visited made a lot of sense to my current life situation. With your guidance I was able to uncover the past hurts and wounds to achieve a deeper sense of catharsis. The experience reaffirmed my life purpose for this lifetime and made me all the more thankful for finding my soul mate I lost a thousand years ago.

It was an huge surprise for me to so vividly see and recall the ascension guided by ArchAngels Michael and Raphael. They brought me to see Jesus who affirmed my life's purpose and told me that I was an angel who chose to return over and over because I see the people suffering. Quite a surprise for someone like me! Indeed, certain things are Universal such as spirituality.

What was shared made so much sense to me that current obstacles are no long major issues and the good that was done was affirmed.

Thank you Adrian, for I could even see that you were one of my Guides in my past. Perhaps that is why I found you just when I am facing doubts about my purpose. You guided me to see my past and affirmed my path for this life.

~ Dave, Singapore

It was such an amazing QHHT session with Adrian. As one who constantly works on self via meditation and coaching, QHHT opens another door to connect to my inner self. For the first time in life, I directly communicate with my subconsciousness, which gives me the clarity on my career direction, relationship issue as well as health issue. It simply feels right and touched listening to my heart/instinct/subconsciousness. It gave me the peace and motivation to follow my dreams.

I highly recommended Adrian as a healer, who is committed, professional and caring.

~ Lucas Zhang, Sichuan, China

I had previously experienced Past Life regression and Hypnotherapy sessions elsewhere, but it was here at this session (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) that I received insightful answers that shed light on several lifelong issues, as well as useful advice and guidance that I can and will continue to tap into in the future.

Thank you very much Adrian for your patience, advice and kind empathy. I am sure you will continue to help many others with your rare gift and skilled insight.

~ L, Singapore

Adrian conducted the session very professionally. He was patient, compassionate, understanding and sensitive of my situation.

My QHHT session with Adrian was very beneficial as he guided me to three past lives which gave me insight and a lot of clarity with regards to the recurring patterns in my present relationships with my family, colleagues and also business associates. I achieved what I intended before attending his session. It is short of miraculous to say that I am healthier, calmer and more at peace with myself and the people around me.

I am very grateful that I took the choice to complete the connection to light up my life today.

Thank you Adrian, keep up your good work.

~ Claire, Singapore

Hi Adrian,

I'm writing to let you know what a wonderful experience I had for both the Deep Healing session and QHHT. Before the session, I kept seeing numbers in repeated pattern such as 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and somehow felt it was from the higher source that is calling me. During the QHHT session, guided by your gentle voice, I felt a strong force that is taking over my physical body and He declared He is the Source of all Source and Creator of the Universe and all the physical problems I'm having right now is because He is coming up and taking procession of my Being.

Thank you Adrian for the work you do! You are a guide and light unto Ascending Beings.

~ B, China

Dear Adrian,

Thank you so much for your healing, such a special and wonderful experiences, as this is my first hypnosis in my life. The past lives memories gave me lots of insights for my current life, also I am very glad that I could meet and talk to my guidance angel, its amazing.

The questions & body pain I carried before the healing session, got totally solved after that. Now I am able to live my life happily and without burden.

Thanks very much to you and my angel, thank you.

Again, thank you so much for doing the great work for human.


Linda, Hong Kong

When I met Adrian, I was in a relationship of five years with a partner with commitment issues, leading to a lot of grief and sadness. I could not understand why it was so difficult to give up this relationship, even though it was causing my career to suffer, not to mention my confidence and clarity of mind. I was also making a difficult decision to leave a job that had a lot of security and status. I found Adrian online one afternoon and talked to him on the phone. After listening to the issues I needed help with, as well as some of my attempts to address them through other therapies, Adrian suggested that I undergo QHHT.

The session was not only informative but fascinating, and I found Adrian thoroughly professional, patient, and compassionate. My two questions were on my life purpose and whether to continue with the relationship. We were able to excavate three past lives that had relevance to these 2 questions. One of the findings was that my partner had been a partner in a previous life (in the 1700s), and had lived his life in a similar attitude of commitment and emotional availability, and died with regrets while I too died yearning for a connection I never got. I found out that we returned again as a couple in order to try to address these unresolved issues. The past life showed me that I was not happy in that relationship. Adrian gently but firmly guided me into these recollections. He had the ability to discern if my rational thinking self was taking over and projecting on the images and feelings that came up during the session.

When I returned after the session, I found an e-mail waiting for me with an invitation to take on a consulting opportunity that was exciting and would help me fulfil the life purpose that was identified during the QHHT session. As for the relationship, it was less clear – the session showed me the reason why it was so hard to close the door, but also my unhappiness living in a one-sided marriage. However, I could now see our problems into a clearer context, and since the session, I have become more intuitive about our issues and their consistency. The decision is moving along much faster than if I had not gone to Adrian. I am currently making plans to move out of our apartment, and have recently found the courage and wisdom to do so.

The QHHT session brought me an awareness of the things that were holding me back from happiness. The insights do not stand alone but are consistent with my gut feeling and the way I gravitate towards certain interests.  I cannot recommend Adrian enough – it is clear from our session that he is a gifted seer and healer.  I gained valuable insight from the session and I wish I had done it sooner!

~ Theresa, Singapore

Dear Mr Adrian,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for the session. Thank you for your patience and professionalism. I believe that it helped the whole process a great deal. The QHHT session was unlike anything I had experienced before . I was very nervous and worried as it was the first time I was doing something like this. But I was ready for some kind of change and hoping that I will recieve some direction or answers. I am glad that I managed to experience something truly wonderful. Getting to connect with my guide was something I did not expect and it was quite transformational. After the session, I felt very energised and relaxed. I felt calmer and more at peace. I am glad that I did the session. It has helped me remove some subconscious blocks and give me the assurance that I can move forward with the guidance and answers that I have been given.

Thank you so much and god bless,

~ Gayathri R., Singapore

It is the most extraordinary experience I once had. Before I went to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, I had some current life issues and feel depressed. Mr Ng (Adrian) is very patient, sincere and professional. He guided me to my past lives which help me understand why such thing happened in my life and what I should do to solve the issue. The healing happened during the whole process. I felt very relaxed and relieved during the session. In the following days after the session, I kept feeling refreshed. Now I feel more positive and have more energy and power to do things. Just be open and trust Mr Ng (Adrian), the universal power will heal you. Your high-self knows everything about you. No hesitation, just go there and feel the universal love and you will be healed and guided!


~ “Heefairy”, China

I went to Adrian for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session to understand about my life purpose as I have been noticing the 11:11 code for the past few months. He was patient in explaining the QHHT process and the spiritual concepts to help me understand in layman's term. The session was very beneficial as I understand my life purpose on Earth, why certain things happened and how to prevent it from happening in future. He also provided advices to help me prior to carrying out my life purpose.

So trust your Guide's and Higher Self's advice and everything will be fine. Many thanks!

~ Jeannie Wong, Singapore

Calm and soothing -- that's what I felt during the session as Adrian facilitated the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Adrian and I shared a hearty exchange at the initial stages as he offered his knowledge and experiences in life thus far with much warmth and sincerity. Some light was shed on physical symptoms that I have been experiencing (and been baffled by); for this, I am thankful.

Together, the conscious connection to the higher self was established and several important queries and issues were addressed. It is a most interesting firsthand experience of getting the answers that you seek with questions asked by the self answered by the self. Plenty of wisdom we have to be tapped, within!

Soon after the session concluded, a "coincidental" incident occurred, signaling a new chapter of my life. For those who wish to explore and further discover the nature of your own being, a QHHT session with Adrian is a good way to begin. Thanks, Adrian!

~ Female, Singapore

After reading up and researching about the unique practice of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I found out about Adrian, who is one of the very few certified practitioners in Singapore. Adrian guided me through the process smoothly and it was especially amazing to feel it in my body when I directly connected with my Higher Self. I've gained precious insights and advice through this session. Thanks Adrian :)

~ Wei Ling, Singapore

Dear Adrian

It is an amazing discovery of Self Journey inward with Adrian guidance!

I’m able to access my subconscious mind for information and visualize my past life story that I can’t easily get information from any physical books out there regards about my life. We may have brought some of the issues from our past lives to our present reincarnation unknowingly. With Quantum Healing Hypnosis, I’m able to get straight to the point where I have created blockage Subconsciously in this present live.

Realization and acceptance of what are the issues that causing fears blockage help to eliminate it infinitely now. As we have a choice whether to generate from fear-based or love-based energy.

I’m blessed to have met Adrian and Appreciated for his work service to awaken our brothers and sisters.


Jaslynn Ong, Singapore

Thanks Adrian for guiding me to experience a totally different perspective of my life. Adrian conducted my session smoothly and professionally. Under his patient guidance, I was able to gather useful information from my past life, to meet and seek advices from my guides at the higher realm and to address my current life issues by having a special 'conversation' with my highest self. I am grateful for what I have gained from this Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. It was an enjoyable and amazing experience.

With love and many blessings,

Hoon, Malaysia


Article by: Adrian Ng, Keeper of the Destinies of Fate

Certified Past Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist (NGH)

Dedicated Practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

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