“Regardless of what illness you have, or how serious your illness is, give yourself a chance, come to me for a healing session. Like many of my clients, you could very well be amazed at how effective my holistic healing can help you turn your health and life around for the better.”
~ Adrian Ng, Master Healer & Trainer

Are you suffering from these Illnesses?

• Cancer (all forms and stages)

• Migraine & Chronic Headaches

• High Blood Pressure & Hypertension

• Poor Body Immune System

• Diabetes

• Digestive Problems

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Pains/Aches

• Lack of Energy

• Bone Problems

• Mind Issues

• Depression, Stress & Anxiety

• Emotional Issues

• Unknown illnesses affecting your overall wellness

• Any other illnesses

You do not need to continue suffering from your Health, Mind and Emotional issues, if you Choose to Be Well & Live Well.
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Universal & Holistic Healing:
Heal & Improve Your Health & Life

A person’s body, by nature, is able to heal itself, though very slowly, given all the necessary nutrition and positive energies. The effectiveness and speed of the self-healing is also determined by the person’s energetic vibrational frequency. The average person’s vibrational frequency ranges from low to very low. Daily stresses and negative situations further lower people’s frequencies.

Illnesses and diseases have their own vibrational frequencies. People with low or very low vibrational frequencies often succumb to these illnesses/diseases, as their bodies are unable to overcome the negative effects. This results in imbalance or draining of life force energy (also known as Qi, Chi, Prana or Ki) in people. Once there is imbalance of energy, with much higher levels of negative energies as compared to positive energies in the body and mind, all forms of health and emotional issues set in.

We are highly experienced in many types of healing techniques, modalities and energies, and we treat every client uniquely, and would use the best mix of healing techniques and energies for each client’s condition.

Every person’s condition is unique, which results in different rates of recovery. We carry out each healing session for our clients’ highest good as determined by the Universe and our clients’ life plan.

I am a helper and channel of the Universe. I carry out all my healings with the Universe’s power and positive energies, to help all who are open to Holistic Healing and truly wish to be healed.
~ Adrian Ng, Master Healer, Kundalini Reiki Master Trainer


Adrian Ng, Master Healer and Kundalini Reiki Master Trainer is highly experienced in Powerful, Effective and Natural Healing based on Universal Energies, Vibrational Science and Ancient Healing techniques that have been modernised and greatly enhanced. He has been helping many people in Singapore and around the World in healing very complex issues involving their Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul.

Worldwide Clients of all Backgrounds
Adrian Ng’s global clients come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, United States of America, Canada, England (United Kingdom), Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They come from all backgrounds, such as medical surgeon, doctors, nurses, University professor, Fortune 500 company CEO, Managing Director of multinational bank, company directors, business-owners, corporate employees, government officials, film-maker, United Nations researcher, fashion model, IT professionals, engineers, HR professionals, property & insurance agents, teachers, housewives, students, Yoga teachers, Lightworkers, healers, etc.

Healing Your Life

Our Holistic Healing services and Healing Courses are meant to help you clear negative energies that are causing problems in your life or are preventing you from achieving success or having happiness in your life, so as to improve your Life. If your life is suffering from all sorts of problems and obstacles, despite your best efforts at resolving them, you are very likely to be affected by strong negative energies within you and around you.

If you are filled with negative energies and surrounded by negative energies, not only will your health be severely affected over time, but other important aspects of your life (eg. Luck, Career, Business, Wealth, Love Relationships, Marriage, Family Relationships, etc) will also be badly affected. Our Deep Healing Service/Program and/or Akashic Records - Soul Reading and Healing service are specially catered for such needs.

Healing Your Body/Mind/Emotions/Soul

Our Holistic Healing Programs/services can help you heal and improve your Health condition by using an effective holistic approach. They do not involve any form of medication or products to be consumed, and can safely complement your existing medical treatments to greatly enhance and speed up effective healing of your Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul/Spirit.

Many difficult Health and Emotional issues that cannot be treated using common therapy and healing methods are the result of more complex issues that require our Deep Healing or Akashic Records - Soul Reading and Healing or Twin Flame Love Healing or Holistic Hypnotherapy or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness). We work with highly positive and powerful Universal Higher Dimensional Energies involving Cell/Body/Organ Regeneration, Detoxification, Chakra System Balancing, Soul Energy Recovery, Removal of Negative Energies with Universal Guidance from your Higher Consciousness (also known as Soul or Higher Self) or Akashic Soul Records (also known as Book of Life) or Higher Beings of the Universe.

We also offer customised Major Illness Healing Program (eg. Cancer Healing) that can help you in your healing and recovery from major illnesses even more effectively. We can give you the highest form of help available from the Universe.

Deep Healing:

Standard Healing:

Major Illness Healing Program (eg. Cancer Healing)

Twin Flame Love Healing

Our Other Healing Services:

For Overseas Clients:

Hi Adrian I would like to share with you about your Reiki Attunement on me.

On the day itself after I went home I first went to try it out on myself I did self healing. Within Minutes I could feel a very warm feeling on my stomach area. As I was still having mild abdominal pains due to Gastric problems I have eased the pains using reiki over the hours.

Later that day I tried it out on a friend who has severe backache shoulder pains and Joint problem because of his daily training. I placed my hands on his shoulder He said he feel that my hands are very hot and that there is a warm feeling gushing fron his shoulder to his back and its the kind of feeling he has never felt before.

His pain went away slightly and in the evening I used it on him again and before he slept at night he called to say that he dont feel as much pain as before I came.

I want to Thank Adrian for his time explaining to me on how to give reiki to others and myself. Anyone Who is considering to learn reiki for themself or for their family should try it out.

I do not need to worry about pains anymore. Thanks adrian

~ Nicholas, Singapore

Healing therapist and counsellor Adrian Ng was able to quickly identify my overall needs once I have given him details about myself. The services he offered me was truly beneficial.

I can say that Adrian Ng is very proficient in his healing ability as I could feel the energy run through my arms. After the session, for the first time I could feel energy coursing inside my whole body.

~ Wai Keat, Singapore

I was suffering from Chronic Menses Pain since Year 2000 and the pain was so severe that it is unbearable.

My pain did not go away even previously taking panadol every month.

I was full of discouragements even the clinic doctor could not find the reason for this pain. So I give up seeing the doctor and going for regular consultation.

But one day, I was so Blessed to receive a free Womans Checkup 3 months ago in  Year 2012. I hesitate to think if I should go for this checkup because I have given up this hope in seeing doctor in Year 2000. So I thought I should pick up my courage and go for a checkup. The report came out not too good as I have a 2.4cm fibroid and a 1.6cm Ovarian cyst in my right womb and my CA125 scale was 51.6.

… …

I book an appointment for the healing session and my counsellor Adrian went through the session healing with me that takes about an hour. It was such a miracle from God to give me wonderful words like I will be healed, have peace, than I saw a bright white pill that drops right inside of me.

… …

on the 3rd week which is 19th November after went for my CA125 blood test and consultation, the report cames out that my CA125 has gone down from 100 to 50. doctor does a pelvic scan on my stomach and found no trace of Ovarian Cyst in my right womb ! my fibroids in my left womb has gone down from 1.58cm to 0.87cm.

~ Wendy Chang, Singapore

Hi adrian,

Have been doing Reiki for myself, though not everyday, but I can see that there are changes, I am more

calmer and more clear. Focused more on my Solar Plexus Chakra like you told me and I have been offered a

job with a good pay, I have never gotten a job with a high basic pay before. :) Starting my new job this coming

Friday although I am quite nervous but its ok I still have Reiki so anything I will do Reiki. I will definitely come

for the Level 2 course.  

Thank you so much for doing this Reiki course. I am glad I came and learned. :)

~ Female, Singapore

Dear Adrian,

I am writing in to express my gratitude to you for conducting Kundalini Reiki Healing classes because Reiki and its benefits were made aware to me more than 5 years ago but neither did I find the time nor a course that appealed to me - until I came across yours! I now realise that I was probably only meant to learn more about the Universe at this stage and that too from a great teacher like you!

In the span of a day, not only did you cover the basics of energy healing with great simplicity and sincerity but you also addressed a lot of other issues regarding the 'bigger picture' or the Universe and its workings, in turn, satisfying quite a few of my curiosities regarding the matter. I particularly enjoyed your use of personal anecdotes to add to our learning and your amiable nature was an added bonus.

Thank you for being a wonderful guide to us and hope you continue inspiring the many more inquisitive minds to come!

~ Devanshi, Medical Doctor, Singapore

Adrian, thanks for the DNA activation session. One thing that I had realized after DNA activation is the disappearance of "heavy heartedness". It is definitely a wonderful feeling.

~ Walter G. Prabhakar, India


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