Holistic Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Training

Emotional and Mind Issues are often buried deeply in our Subconscious Mind, the part of our mind which normal methods of therapy have difficulty accessing and healing fully. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are the solution for resolving such issues.

Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very effective for helping clients overcome their fears, phobias, anxiety issues, anger issues, low confidence issues, stress issues, insomnia problems, etc, and is increasingly being used in medical institutions and practitioners around the world.

Our Holistic Hypnotherapy service is provided by our highly experienced Healing Practitioner, Adrian Ng, Certified Hypnotherapist (NGH USA and 5-PATH®), Master Hypnotist (Banyan Hypnosis Center, USA) and Certified Self-Hypnosis Trainer (7th Path®).

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We can help you to feel much better about yourself, to be more confident, to feel good about yourself, to feel more relaxed, etc, so that you can lead a more positive and happier life. You may be suffering now from fears, anxiety, phobias, stress, low self-esteem, anger, depressed, negative about yourself and your life. But all these problems can be overcome with our Safe, Ethical and Effective help that combine Hypnotherapy with powerful Holistic Healing techniques.

Holistic Hypnotherapy:

Self-Hypnosis Training:

If you have extremely complex issues, we offer even more Powerful Healing:

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT):


Such a powerful journey to transform my phobia and positive energy. The techniques I have learnt can be used a whole lifetime to effect changes in me and make real my dreams about life.

My feelings and love for my wife has been re-kindled. More appreciative being together all these years. A very gratifying experience.

Adrian can make it so comfortable and confiding. Thank you so much.

~ Wilson Raj, Singapore

Healing therapist and counsellor Adrian Ng was able to quickly identify my overall needs once I have given him details about myself. The services he offered me was truly beneficial.

During the session, he was aware and sensitive of the situation as well as my concerns and will offer advice accordingly. That, I guess is expected of a Master Soul Being. Amazing.

~ Wai Keat, Singapore


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