I AM Universal

Worldwide Clients of All Backgrounds

Adrian Ng’s global clients come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, United States of America, Canada, England (United Kingdom), Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They come from all backgrounds, such as medical surgeon, doctors, nurses, University professor, Fortune 500 company CEO, Managing Director of multinational bank, company directors, business-owners, corporate employees, government officials, film-maker, United Nations researcher, fashion model, IT professionals, engineers, HR professionals, property & insurance agents, teachers, housewives, students, Yoga teachers, Lightworkers, healers, etc.

Universally Spiritually Free-Thinker and Oneness

He is Universally Spiritual, and does not have a religion. He treats All as One, regardless of one’s beliefs and differences. He is a Master Soul Being of Light, an Old Soul and Indigo Adult2, originated from the Angelic Realm, yet very experienced in the path of a Star Seed1 as well. He had lived many lifetimes on Earth long time ago, as well as on many higher dimensional worlds like Sirius3, Lyra10 and other extremely far away worlds not in the same galaxy as Earth, which is part of Milky Way galaxy.

Adrian Ng’s Significant Past Lives
The roles he had taken on in some of his significant past-lives include: Healer-Priest
8 in Atlantis5, Oracle Priest8 and Healer-Prince in Ancient Egypt, White Wizard/Priest8 in Lemuria7, Priest8 in the Order of Melchizedek4, Healer-Shaman, King’s Advisor, Community Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Warrior, Galactic Traveller/Helper/Guardian, Guardian of Nature, etc. Through these tough and highly challenging roles, and having already experienced many trials and tribulations, Adrian had learnt and earned his Psychic (Clairvoyance and Clairsentience), Magickal and Healing abilities that he had been using to help many people and Beings on Earth and in the Universe.

Universal Life Purpose: Help Earth and People in Planetary Ascension

Together with many other Old Souls with the necessary past-life training and experience to assist Earth in her process of Planetary Ascension, he had answered the call of Source/God/All-That-Is/Prime Creator to reincarnate on present Earth one last time to serve mankind and Earth. His current life plan also involves helping Lightworkers around the world to remember their past life experiences and skills, and help them in fulfilling their life purpose. He is guided and assisted by Source/God/All-That-Is/Prime Creator, the Council of Angels, Melchizedek12, Archangel Metatron11, Ascended Master Lord Maitreya Buddha6, Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin13 and Archangel Michael9, Mother Earth (Gaia), and other Ascended Masters, Archangels and Deities of the Universe. As a Keeper of the Destinies of Fate, he also works with the Karmic Board, Lords of Karma and Lords of Time to help clear people’s karma, reduce their suffering and fulfill their destinies and life purposes well.

“My history is not important. Who I am is not important. Purpose of sharing part of my background is to help explain why I can do what I do, why I do what I do, and why I can help you. What is important is the well-being of YOUR Present and Future.

What is important is that you have access NOW to all the help you need to heal your life and health issues, to live happily and well. What is important is that you have access NOW to all the relevant Universal information to help you make informed and positive choices for the new future ahead, which is expected to be very challenging for the world. There will be major events and changes on Earth that are considered unprecedented in recorded history, as required in the process of Earth’s Planetary Ascension.”
Adrian Ng, Keeper of the Destinies of Fate


1) Star Seed: a Universal Being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth during her early origins as well as on other planets

2) Indigo Adult: Old Soul, with higher dimensional access and abilities, to help with the changes on Earth

3) Sirius: Sirius is a 5th dimensional world. It is one of the advanced civilisations (others include Pleiades, Orion, Lyra, Arcturus, etc) that helped in the origins and ancient history of Earth, and is still currently helping in the spiritual evolution of mankind and 3rd dimensional Earth.

4) Order of Melchizedek: Lord Melchizedek was "priest of God Most High." (Bible: Genesis 14:18). Ascended Master, Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda) was High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

5) Atlantis: Ancient civilisation that lived on a continent that is now sunken beneath the Atlantic Ocean. It used to be populated with a prosperous civilisation, highly advanced, spiritually and technologically. Many Atlanteans have reincarnated on Earth now to serve and help mankind and Earth, with their experience.

6) Lord Maitreya Buddha: Ascended Master who is mentioned in canonical Buddhist literature to be the next Buddha when the Dharma is forgotten on Earth. He is commonly known to the Chinese as the “Laughing Buddha”.

7) Lemuria: Also known as “Mu”. Ancient civilisation that existed before and during the period of Altantis’ civilisation. It was a very spiritually advanced civilisation of very high vibrations of Love. It lived on a continent that is now sunken in the Pacific Ocean. There are Lemurians now incarnated on Earth again to help mankind and Earth in the Shift.

8) Priest: Unlike the purely religious role of priests today, the Priests of ancient times on Earth were Universally spiritual, had multi-dimensional psychic abilities and were responsible for the key roles of civilisations and communities, which included healing, training, giving advice on life/community/safety issues and managing the smooth running of the community.
Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael is known by different names, regardless of faith or culture. In the Islamic, Jewish and Christian traditions he's generally referred to as 'Archangel Michael' or “Saint Michael”. He is the ultimate angelic protector, yet he also provides very real assistance in many other powerful ways.
Lyra: Lyra is a 12th dimensional world with very advanced Beings. It is the Star Gateway to higher dimensions outside of the 12 dimensional energy matrix of which the 3rd dimensional Earth is part. It is one of the advanced civilisations (others include Pleiades, Orion, Sirius, Arcturus, etc) that helped in the origins and ancient history of Earth, and is still currently helping in the spiritual evolution of mankind and Earth.
Archangel Metatron: Archangel Metatron is considered to be the most supreme of Angelic beings, and is associated with the pinnacle of the Tree of Life. He is also the Heavenly Scribe, and has tremendous wealth of Universal wisdom.

12) Melchizedek: Melchizedek is an ancient Cosmic Being in charge of the Order of Melchizedek. Jesus was a High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.

13) Goddess of Mercy Guan Yin: Her Sanskrit name is “Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva”, and is depicted as male or female. She is also known to the Chinese as Guan Shi Yin Pusa. Her name is sometimes spelt as “Kuan Yin” or “Quan Yin” in Western esoteric literature. She is a Bodhisattva and an Ascended Master. She embodies compassion, and has a key role on the Karmic Board, which is responsible for assessing and evaluating people’s karma.

Adrian Ng

Founder & Director, Living Light Universe

Universal Role: Keeper of the Destinies of Fate

Psychic (Clairvoyant and Clairsentient)

Master Healer & Life Guide

Kundalini Reiki Master Trainer

Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

Certified Hypnotherapist, 5-PATH®

Certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Trainer

Certified Past Life & Spiritual Regressionist

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Level 2 Practitioner

Geomancer (Feng Shui & Ba Zi Master)

Information shared on this page may seem strange and out-of-this-world at this point of time, depending on your experience with the Universe. Please take the information that resonates with you now, and the rest will all make sense to you later in this lifetime.


Besides Adrian Ng, there are many other Old Souls reincarnated on Earth now, and they live in all parts of the world. Their main life purpose is to help and serve mankind and Earth in preparing for Earth’s Ascension from the 3rd/4th dimension to the 5th Dimension.

Depending on their life plans and roles, some of them are high-profile leaders, but most are carrying out their roles either individually or in small groups away from the public domain. Their roles are varied and are often linked to their past life experiences. Living Light Universe sends our blessings to all Lightworkers reading this now.

Old Souls with Life Missions to Help People & Earth

Prior to embarking on his Universal Life Purpose/Mission, Adrian spent more than a decade in leadership & management positions in corporate and governmental organisations in Singapore. To read more about his earlier career background, click below.

Adrian Ng’s Career Profile

Adrian Ng has been tasked by the Universe to Heal your Body and Life, as well as help you to Advance and Evolve in your Life & Soul journey, together with the quantum Evolution (Planetary Ascension) for Earth and Mankind.

Master Healer and Trainer

Feng Shui Master

Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness


    National Guild of Hypnotists, USA

Certifications and Experience


Hi Adrian,

I'm writing to let you know what a wonderful experience I had for both the Deep Healing session and QHHT. Before the session, I kept seeing numbers in repeated pattern such as 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and somehow felt it was from the higher source that is calling me. During the QHHT session, guided by your gentle voice, I felt a strong force that is taking over my physical body and He declared He is the Source of all Source and Creator of the Universe and all the physical problems I'm having right now is because He is coming up and taking procession of my Being.

Thank you Adrian for the work you do! You are a guide and light unto Ascending Beings.

~ B, China

Dear Adrian,

The two past lives I visited made a lot of sense to my current life situation. With your guidance I was able to uncover the past hurts and wounds to achieve a deeper sense of catharsis. The experience reaffirmed my life purpose for this lifetime and made me all the more thankful for finding my soul mate I lost a thousand years ago.

It was an huge surprise for me to so vividly see and recall the ascension guided by ArchAngels Michael and Raphael. They brought me to see Jesus who affirmed my life's purpose and told me that I was an angel who chose to return over and over because I see the people suffering. Quite a surprise for someone like me! Indeed, certain things are Universal such as spirituality.

What was shared made so much sense to me that current obstacles are no long major issues and the good that was done was affirmed.

Thank you Adrian, for I could even see that you were one of my Guides in my past. Perhaps that is why I found you just when I am facing doubts about my purpose. You guided me to see my past and affirmed my path for this life.

I am grateful and wish you all the best in your journey too.

~ Dave, Singapore

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the work you have put into writing my (Akashic) Record. I have just started reading it and I had to contact you straight away.

I'm totally totally blown away by this Adrian. What you have written is incredible. really wow, for this :) I just had to tell you !


Thank you for you advice, I really appreciate all that you have sent and will use it well and ask for guidance.


Wow, I love this so much, this is so amazing that you think this way this is such a generous thought and offer from you, really I am so surprised by your response and you have restored my faith in the wonderful nature of humanity.

~ Claire O'Regan,

  Reading, England

Dear Adrian,

I am writing in to express my gratitude to you for conducting Kundalini Reiki Healing classes because Reiki and its benefits were made aware to me more than 5 years ago but neither did I find the time nor a course that appealed to me - until I came across yours! I now realise that I was probably only meant to learn more about the Universe at this stage and that too from a great teacher like you!

In the span of a day, not only did you cover the basics of energy healing with great simplicity and sincerity but you also addressed a lot of other issues regarding the 'bigger picture' or the Universe and its workings, in turn, satisfying quite a few of my curiosities regarding the matter. I particularly enjoyed your use of personal anecdotes to add to our learning and your amiable nature was an added bonus.

Thank you for being a wonderful guide to us and hope you continue inspiring the many more inquisitive minds to come!

~ Devanshi, Singapore

Adrian Ng is co-author of “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” book, together with Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle from the International bestseller “The Secret” book and movie. You will love the book and its fantastic energy! Click here for more details.

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