Karma Clearing

In the Universe, Earth is a 3rd dimensional 'school' for souls/people to learn from their life experiences. Souls/people are required to experience many lifetimes to complete their learning and then progress to higher dimensions.

In the past, for thousands of years, everyone had to go through a slow and painful process of clearing their negative karma and learning from them. Unfortunately, in the process, many people kept making the same mistakes and instead of progressing and growing in their soul journey, they ended up either stagnant in their learning or were making more and more mistakes, and hence accumulating more negative karma with each lifetime. As a result, many people ended up stuck in an endless loop of lifetimes on Earth, suffering again and again.

This lifetime is very unique because of many things that will be happening in the Universe and to Earth. Because of this, the Universe is allowing people the opportunity to accelerate the clearing of their past karma, so that as many people as possible can be ready to 'graduate' from this Earth school. People all over the world will be given the choice to fast forward their soul learning and growth. As a Keeper of the Destinies of Fate, Adrian Ng works with the Karmic Board, Lords of Karma and Lords of Time to help clear people’s karma, reduce their suffering and fulfill their destinies well.

How Karma Clearing Can Help You:

The reason why people were planned by the Universe to know each other is often for karmic reasons. Once the karma is cleared with them, people with whom you have negative karmic issues with will no longer need to come into your life and cause you future problems and conflicts.

If the karma issue is with people who are very closely related to you now, eg. family members or spouse, once the karma is cleared, they will subconsciously avoid conflicts with you.

Important note: My clients need to understand that in their every moment in their life, they are either learning and growing as a soul, or they are continuing to choose negative life options and accumulating more negative karma. So, after I’ve cleared their negative karma, they will still need to be willing to start making positive life choices instead of negative life choices that can result in more negative karma.

Life Lessons:

Our current life is not only affected by karma, but also by life lessons that are in our Life Plan, that are meant to help us grow and advance as souls in the Universe. These life lessons could be the result of outstanding lessons that were not completed in past lives or were started only in our current life. These life lessons are often in the form of life challenges and obstacles, and so people often mistake them for negative karma.

You may also like to find out how we can help you with Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness or Akashic Records Soul Reading & Healing to resolve even more complex current life issues, and find out deeper life answers to your life and past lives.

Your Current Life is affected by Karma, whether you are aware or not. Many people are facing great challenges, difficulties, hardship and suffering in their current lives due to negative karma, accumulated from past lives or present life. We can help you Clear Your Karma, if you wish to Live Well and Positively.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Karma is not a religious concept/belief that only applies to Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus. It is a Universal process that affects everyone on Earth, and is described using different terms by various spiritual beliefs, along the line of ‘you reap what you sow in your life (or past lives)’.

Fundamentally, how karma affects one’s life is due to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, or Universal process that helps people to learn to grow to be a more positive Being through experiencing the consequences of their actions and behaviours. Positive actions and behaviours will result in Positive Consequences; Negative actions and behaviours will result in Negative Consequences. And this never-ending and continual process of Karma evaluation and rebalancing happens throughout all past lives and also during current life.

Karma Clearing:


My life was in a complete mess for all my life. I had marriage problems, money problems, kept losing jobs for reasons beyond my control. That was when I thought something is really wrong with my life. I’ve tried all ways, prayers, going to temple, seen all kinds of fortune tellers and astrologers, but still my life was not getting better. Then I googled and came across this site. I had Karma Clearing sessions which Adrian recommended to me after I told him my problems.

Amazingly, things started clearing up and I can finally see the light in my life! Adrian also told me certain things I had to change and improve in myself, which I did. I was also told that I had been repeating certain bad behaviours from my past lives that resulted in my bad karma.

~ Raghu, Singapore

We were both suffering so much in our relationship. We loved each other so much yet the problems in our relationship were endless. We were constantly so angry with each other and fought all the time. It was so draining and painful. Many times, we wanted to end it off, yet, deep down inside, we just knew there must be reasons why we met each other. We had gone for couple therapy, relationship counselling, stuff like that. Though whatever was said in those sessions made sense, but our problems needed more than that. Jane came across Living Light Universe website by chance (which we now know was the hand of the Universe at work! Thank God!), and arranged for us to seek help from Adrian.

He wasn’t surprised one bit when we told him about our problems! His experience in such “unbelievable” problems definitely shows! Through his help and healing, we found out our past life connections and why we were fighting so much yet deeply in love at the same time. Our relationship has become so much more balanced, none of that rage and frustrations, and we appreciate each other much more now. Thanks a great deal, Adrian! Love,

~ Tom & Jane, New York, US

It is the most extraordinary experience I once had.  Before I went to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, I had some current life issues and feel depressed. Mr Ng (Adrian) is very patient, sincere and professional. He guided me to my past lives which help me understand why such thing happened in my life and what I should do to solve the issue. The healing happened during the whole process. I felt very relaxed and relieved during the session. In the following days after the session, I kept feeling refreshed. Now I feel more positive and have more energy and power to do things. Just be open and trust Mr Ng (Adrian), the universal power will heal you. Your high-self knows everything about you. No hesitation, just go there and feel the universal love and you will be healed and guided!


~ “Heefairy”, China


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