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Adrian Ng has been helping many people in Singapore and around the World improve their lives and overcome complex life issues, by providing guidance that is practical and effective. His global clients come from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, United States of America, Canada, England (United Kingdom), Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Cyprus, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They come from all backgrounds, such as medical surgeon, doctors, nurses, University professor, Fortune 500 company CEO, Managing Director of multinational bank, company directors, business-owners, corporate employees, government officials, film-maker, United Nations researcher, fashion model, IT professionals, engineers, HR professionals, property & insurance agents, teachers, housewives, students, Yoga teachers, Lightworkers, healers, etc.

Adrian Ng has the knowledge and experience, and most importantly, the guidance, support and blessings of the Universe, to help you overcome your various life issues, in order to lead a more positive, abundant and happier life.

When you are able to live happily and well, your loved ones around you as well as the people you have frequent contact with, will naturally benefit from your well-being. When enough people in your community are able to lead happy and fulfilling lives, the positive benefits can be experienced by all who are connected. That is the higher purpose of Living Light Universe’s Life Guidance and Healing services.

We help you by using our strong connections with the Universe to provide life guidance using Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card Readings, Ba Zi Life Plan Readings, Akashic Records - Soul Reading & Healing as well as obtain Divine guidance from the Universe. Akashic Records is also known as Book of Life in many ancient spiritual texts, and it contains very valuable information about your life/soul that can help you avoid unnecessary problems as well as overcome existing problems in your life. If you wish to receive the highest form of life guidance from the Universe, and know even deeper Life Answers especially about your Life Purpose, our Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (Past Life Regression & Accessing Higher Consciousness) can help you.

Engage our highly effective Life Guidance and Fortune Telling services today to start creating a much better and more positive, much more abundant and much happier life for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are in Singapore, you can book a session with Adrian Ng at our Holistic/Therapy Centre.

If you are not in Singapore, you can engage Adrian Ng’s services from our Remote Services page.

Adrian Ng, Psychic, Master Healer Trainer & Life Guide, Keeper of the Destinies of Fate, has a Universal role to help people overcome Life issues (Relationship, Career, Family, Love, Wealth, Luck, Life Purpose, etc) with Practical and Effective Life & Divine Guidance.

Akashic Records - Soul Reading & Healing

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Past Life Regression and Accessing Higher Consciousness: Know your Past Lives, Deeper Life Answers and Life Purpose

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I Recommend this Akashic reading to anyone that seeks information and answers that no one else can answer it or Have tried all means.

I personally have Tried asking Chinese Gods Temple Mediums and Other kind of Healers.

Not one of them is as accurate as Adrian Akashic reading.

Most of them gave me logical answers or mostly by Guessing. But Adrian was able to know what were my problems and can feel that my energies were negative. He then adviced me step by step on how to change it and improve on my life.

After those questions have been answered I feel much more lighter and relaxed at the moment.

Thanks Adrian

~ Nicholas Tan, Singapore

Adrian Ng was hired by event organisers to provide Psychic Guidance & Soul Readings (on Career/Business/Wealth) to visitors: at Singapore’s largest Career Fair, STJobs Career Fair 2014 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 12-13 Jul 2014

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