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Remote/Distant Healing

Remote Akashic Records Reading and Healing Service

Remote Tarot/Angel/Oracle Card or Ba Zi Life Plan Reading

Twin Flame Love Healing

Remote Good Luck Service

Remote Karma Clearing

Remote Removal of Negative Spirits (Exorcism)

Remote Removal and Clearing of Black Magic, Curses, Hexes

Remote Cleansing & Charging of Crystals, Gemstones and Jewellery

Space Clearing & Positive Energizing (Homes)

Remote Living LightUp DNA Activation

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

Enhanced Kundalini Reiki Healing Courses

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Healing therapist and counsellor Adrian Ng was able to quickly identify my overall needs once I have given him details about myself. The services he offered me was truly beneficial.

During the session, he was aware and sensitive of the situation as well as my concerns and will offer advice accordingly. That, I guess is expected of a Master Soul Being. Amazing.

I can say that Adrian Ng is very proficient in his healing ability as I could feel the energy run through my arms. After the session, for the first time I could feel energy coursing inside my whole body.

~ Wai Keat, Singapore

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the work you have put into writing my (Akashic) Record.

I have just started reading it and I had to contact you straight away.


( The curse energy looked like dark purple, almost blackish sticky glue that was stuck on Claire's energy (head area).)

I'm totally totally blown away by this Adrian a couple of years ago I had a dream about my narcolepsy In my dream I was shown when my narcolepsy started in my dream I was a small child I saw myself sat on a wall outside a dim old overgrown house with a woman who was cold towards me, I was then mad aware of a dark browny black sticky tar substance that covered a small patch on top of my head.

I have always wandered what this meant, in my dream I was expecting to see myself fall on my head as a baby or something like that but of course I did not see that, I was just shown the black sticky substance on my head what you have written is incredible.  really wow, for this :) I just had to tell you !


I have read a lot about the astral realm so I know of the positive and negative energies if encountered I will project feelings of pure love for them, well that's the plan :)

Thank you for you advice, I really appreciate all that you have sent and will use it well and ask for guidance.


Wow, I love this so much, this is so amazing that you think this way this is such a generous thought and offer from you, really I am so surprised by your response and you have restored my faith in the wonderful nature of humanity.

Kind Regards

Claire O'Regan; Reading, England

Adrian, thanks for the DNA activation session. One thing that I had realized after DNA activation is the disappearance of "heavy heartedness". It is definitely a wonderful feeling.

~ Walter G. Prabhakar, India

I book an appointment for the healing session and my counsellor Adrian went through the session healing with me that takes about an hour. It was such a miracle from God to give me wonderful words like I will be healed, have peace.

… …

on the 3rd week which is 19th November after went for my CA125 blood test and consultation, the report cames out that my CA125 has gone down from 100 to 50. doctor does a pelvic scan on my stomach and found no trace of Ovarian Cyst in my right womb ! my fibroids in my left womb has gone down from 1.58cm to 0.87cm.

~ Wendy Chang, Singapore

I found that indeed there were 2 negative spirits that had attached themselves to my body. Adrian guided the session in a positive, gentle and confident manner that made me feel assured. It was a rather emotional experience, understanding the background of the spirits and how they became negative… as she decided to move on to the next chapter of her journey and surrendered into the light... was a profound experience. it reminded me that spirits were once humans too, with their profound experiences. And reminded me to be compassionate and forgiving to ourselves...

After the session, my thoughts have since calmed down. It is a relief, that I don't have those previous compulsions anymore and don't act out. I am more confident and sure of myself.

~ Stephanie, Indonesia

Our house used to have spirits for many years. Some of my family members have seen them moving around, while the rest of us have felt their presence or have heard loud footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves. We were experiencing so much health problems and bad luck in our lives.

We had engaged many Exorcists, Spiritual Masters and Feng Shui Masters over the years but none of them were able to help us. Yet, a number of them charged exorbitant rates. Sometimes, the spirits were even more angry after the Masters left, and the disturbances became worse.

That was when we decided to engage Master Adrian Ng. The other Masters we had engaged before, used rituals and all sorts of equipment. But Adrian’s method was completely different. During Adrian’s session, he told us the background of the spirits in our house, and why they were angry with us. He then carried out the clearing, and did a blessing of our house. We finally have peace in our house and lives after so long! It was such a relief!

~ JY, Singapore

Dear Adrian,

A sincere thank you for all your help and encouragement! Also, thank you for your patience in answering all my seemingly endless questions and guided me through the healing session professionally.

Your Twin Flame Love Healing Session was an eye opening experience for me. I am so glad that I am able to meet my Twin Soul during the session and feel blessed that he came to help you heal my tired soul. I went to your session with a heart full of worries but I left ur session feeling much happier and recharged! I see hope in my relationship with my boyfriend and I feel more confident with myself in handling my boyfriend's extreme mood swing now!

All the best to u Adrian and thank you once again!  

~ “Lyre”, Malaysia  


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Adrian Ng is co-author of “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” book, together with Dr John Demartini and Bob Doyle from the International bestseller “The Secret” book and movie.

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