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Spirit Attachments / Possession, Black Magic, Curses, Hexes in Positive & Safe Way

There are all forms of non-physical spirits roaming the Earth, and a number of them are constantly looking for physical bodies of people to attach themselves to, for various reasons. These spirits can attach themselves to the energy field or actual body of a person, and many spirits can concurrently attach themselves to a person, as many as 70-over spirits in extreme cases.

When people suffer from Spirit Attachment (or Spirit Possession), they would increasingly lose control of their own minds, thoughts, emotions and even behaviours. It is common for people with Spirit Attachment problems to keep having negative thoughts and emotions, which are beyond their control. In extreme cases, people can be even driven to commit suicide through the destructive effects of the Spirit Attachment.

There are many places on Earth where Dark (Negative) spiritual practices are commonly used, such as South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. These practices were passed down from practitioners of Dark Arts (or Black Magic) from ancient times in these parts of the world, and have since spread to various other parts of the world. Often, what was originally genuinely Positive Universal knowledge and Light-work meant to help people, became distorted and misused by spiritual practitioners for Negative purposes instead, and they became Dark (Negative) forms of Black Magic and Dark Sorcery.

Yet, most people who are mostly concerned about carrying on their lives and earning a living, would not have much information and knowledge about the effects of such Negative Spiritual practices. They may go about their typical lives, and along the way, their lives and health suddenly take a nasty turn, eg. they suffer from strange, unexplained health problems; their love/family/marriage relationships keep having major conflicts; they have major problems with luck, career and wealth aspects, etc.

They could very well be a victim of someone they know whom they had offended (unintentionally or intentionally) or someone who has negative intentions and emotions, eg. jealousy, anger or hatred towards them. Such people could easily hire practitioners of Black Magic and Negative Spiritual practices, to cast Black Magic, Curses, Hexes or even summon Negative Spirits / Demons to attack their victims.

Living Light Universe would like to highlight to everyone reading this that Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) applies to everyone on Earth, regardless of our soul advancement level, whether we are on the path of Light (Positive) or Dark (Negative). Any conflict between people can be resolved positively without causing harm to anyone.

Resorting to Dark (Negative) ways of handling a conflict, eg. Cast Black Magic, Curse or Hex on a victim, can incur substantial negative karma for both the person requesting for the deed to be carried out, as well as for the practitioner of the Black Magic. If your health and life is currently experiencing problems because of such karmic issues, Master Healer & Life Guide, Adrian Ng can also heal you and clear your karma (whether from your current life or past lives), as long as you are willing to lead a positive life from here onwards. Learning from lifetimes of suffering from karmic experience, as a result of their own negative actions, is how many people/souls eventually are able to advance and grow spiritually.

If you need help with Removing Spirit Attachments / Possession, Black Magic, Curses or Hexes, or Exorcism & Removal of Negative Spirits and Negative Energies in your Home/Office, you can contact Adrian Ng. He is based in Singapore, but is able to help anyone worldwide.

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Adrian Ng, who is a Psychic, Master Healer & Life Guide, has a Universal role of “Keeper of the Destinies of Fate”.

He has been healing and helping many people in Singapore and Worldwide who have suffered tremendously from spiritual problems like Negative Spirit Attachments, Spirit Possession, Black Magic, Curses and Hexes.

Free yourself from being a victim of negative forces that are causing harm and problems to you, your life and your loved ones.

Previously, for most of my adult life, my relationships were always filled with a lot of emotional dramas. It was as though there were 2 sides of me - the good side, who want a normal life, normal loving harmonious relationship, and there was another side who seemed cunning, manipulative, hateful, spiteful and self-destructive. Of course, this created so much suffering and destruction in my relationships. I could not understand myself, why, when times were good, a side of me would not be content and would behave in compulsive ways, such as being over-reactive, highly judgemental and accusatory, revengeful.

When I confided my problems to Adrian, he suggested I do the Negative Spirit Removal session, I agreed because for the last 4 months, thoughts of revenge and destruction were practically hounding me day and night, I could not function quite effectively anymore at work, and sleep became a problem. If the negative thoughts had gotten worse, the alternative would be to check myself into a hospital, be diagnosed, and take pills to numb the voices.

Apparently during the session, I found that indeed there were 2 negative spirits that had attached themselves to my body. Adrian guided the session in a positive, gentle and confident manner that made me feel assured. It was a rather emotional experience, understanding the background of the spirits and how they became negative. Coming face to face with one negative spirit, who cunning manipulative and extremely angry, and taking part in the experience as her negative personality changed into one who was positive and radiant as she decided to move on to the next chapter of her journey and surrendered into the light... was a profound experience. it reminded me that spirits were once humans too, with their profound experiences. And reminded me to be compassionate and forgiving to ourselves...

After the session, my thoughts have since calmed down. It is a relief, that I don't have those previous compulsions anymore and don't act out. I am more confident and sure of myself.

~ Stephanie, Indonesia

Our house used to have spirits for many years. Some of my family members have seen them moving around, while the rest of us have felt their presence or have heard loud footsteps and doors opening and closing by themselves. We were experiencing so much health problems and bad luck in our lives.

We had engaged many Exorcists, Spiritual Masters and Feng Shui Masters over the years but none of them were able to help us. Yet, a number of them charged exorbitant rates. Sometimes, the spirits were even more angry after the Masters left, and the disturbances became worse.

That was when we decided to engage Master Adrian Ng. The other Masters we had engaged before, used rituals and all sorts of equipment. But Adrian’s method was completely different. During Adrian’s session, he told us the background of the spirits in our house, and why they were angry with us. He then carried out the clearing, and did a blessing of our house. We finally have peace in our house and lives after so long! It was such a relief!

~ JY, Singapore

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