Review of Twin Flame Love Healing

Evolve Asia discovered Twin Flame Love Healing, an intriguing therapy founded on profound tantric principles that was developed by healing practitioner Adrian Ng for relationship problems and sexual issues.

According to Adrian, a healthy partnership needs to exist on the emotional and sexual plane. This means that there needs to be an energetic connection between the couple’s Heart Chakras (which contributes to a Love attraction), as well as between their Sacral Chakras (which contributes to a Sexual attraction). If the energetic connection is only between their Sacral Chakras, it will result in a purely sexual relationship with no emotional bond. If the energetic connection is only between their Heart Chakras, there is actually no Sexual attraction between the couple, but they would feel emotionally connected.

Depending on their individual level of Sexual Energy, which determines how important Sexual attraction is to each of them, their relationship may or may not progress to a marriage. If they proceed to get married, after marriage, if both their Sexual Energy is still not at a healthy level, they are very likely to face intimacy problems.

The tantric traditions states that there are two channels (male and female) that relate to love, relationships and marriage: the infinity channel, and the leg and breast channel.  

The Infinity Channel runs through the Sacral Chakra, Heart Chakra and 3rd Eye Chakra, which involve the client’s Mind, Emotions and Sexuality. The Infinity channel governs the flow of positive love energy in the body. When blocked, people experience emotional problems that lead to marriage and relationship problems like loneliness, asexuality and frigidity. Without sufficient Love Energy in a person, he/she would not be able to feel love from someone else, or to express love to someone else.

Infinity Channel for Male and Female Acknowledgement: “The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook”, 1997, by Amorah Quan Yin

The Female’s Leg and Breast Tantric Channels run through her clitoris,

G-Spot, Uterus and Nipples.

Leg and Breast Tantric Channels for Female Acknowledgement: “The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook”, 1997, by Amorah Quan Yin

Leg and Breast Tantric Channels for Male Acknowledgement: “The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook”, 1997, by Amorah Quan Yin

The Male’s Leg and Breast Tantric Channels run through the Tip of his Penis, Prostate and Nipples.

The Leg and Breast channels govern intimacy issues. Many Females tend to have a problem of low sex drive or lack of Sexual Energy. This can happen before or after marriage, or after having a child. Many Females are completely depleted of Sexual Energy after giving birth to a child. This then results in a problem of the Female/Wife not being able to match the sexual expectations and needs of her Male partner/Husband. At this point, some Males resolve their sexual needs by seeking other Females instead for non-emotional sexual release. This is often the cause of many relationships or marriages breaking down. There are some cases when the Male actually has a much lower level of Sexual Energy as compared to his Female partner/Wife.

Many married couples who have such intimacy issues often feel they are better left unsaid and unresolved, so they continue to maintain their marriage with little or no sex, for many years. On the surface, it may seem well, but on a deeper level, many conflicts between them continue to build up as a result from their pent-up sexual frustrations and lack of intimacy with each other. Such issues can often result in a late divorce, when the couple are in their middle age or older, especially when other life challenges contribute to growing conflicts between them.

Males, in general, tend to have a high level of Sexual Energy, which often outweighs their level of Love Energy. If the Male has a healthy and positive level of Love Energy and Sexual Energy, and his Female partner/Wife also has a healthy and positive level of Love Energy and Sexual Energy, it would create a very loving and intimate, and stable relationship or marriage for both of them, where they experience both emotional closeness as well as an enjoyable sexual bond.

Twin Flame Love Healing aims to heal love, relationship and sexual problems by engaging the mind through chanelling and counselling and engaging the body by stimulating the tantric channels using  a combination of energetic healing and practiced touch. It is performed in a safe and non-sexual environment with clear communication, instruction and permission. One unexpected benefit of the session is that it leaves one's face glowing and definitely rivals a visit to the beautician.

Cannot Find True Love? Cannot Attract Love? Cannot Feel Love? Having Love, Relationship or Marriage Problems? Keep Attracting Problematic Love Partners? Stuck In Loveless Relationship or Marriage? Intimacy/Sexual Problems in your Marriage or Relationship? Struggling with Self-Love Issues?

Below is a review of our unique Twin Flame Love Healing by Ms Sonia Ong, Executive Director of Singapore Wellness Association and Editor of Evolve Asia Magazine, a regional holistic wellness magazine.

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Despite attending single events and meeting guys on various dating app, I still cannot find love and be in a relationship. I always encounter guys who disappeared after a few dates. I am so frustrated and wonder whether I am destined to be alone.

Luckily, I happen to surf Living Light Universe Website and come across Twin Flame Love Healing Services. I decided to go for it. Adrian is quite patient and offered me love advices on top of the healing session.

Shortly after the Love Healing Session, I have met a caring and sincere guy who is now my boyfriend.I am so grateful to Adrian for the Twin Flame Love Healing Sessions as it did help me to remove my inner love obstacles. I am so glad that I have signed up for the Love Healing Sessions.

~ Yan, Female, Singapore

I had been going for countless dating sessions with dating agencies and also tried to find love from online dating websites for a number of years. I spent quite a lot of money and time, but still could not find anyone suitable. Even when I joined other social or dating activities, I still was not successful. It was always the case of the guy likes me, but I don’t feel for him, or I may like the guy but he does not feel anything special towards me.

After my friend in a similar situation went to seek Adrian’s help and healing and successfully found love within 2 months, I also sought his help. He is very frank and to the point, yet understanding. It is very easy to discuss my love issues with him, even on sensitive topics. Through his Twin Flame Love Healing sessions, I’ve finally understood my problems and weaknesses, not just personality but also from an energy and spiritual perspective. I never knew about such mystical stuff until I met Adrian! I could feel the positive change in me. And you know what? Now, I’ve been getting positive matches and responses from my dating sessions, so finally I have suitable guys to choose from! ;)

~ “Happy Angel”, Singapore

I finally ended my long term singlehood problem and found love, thanks to Adrian’s healing and guidance.

~ "June", Singapore

I chanced upon Living Light Universe when I was searching for healing. I was browsing the website when my attention was diverted to the Twin Flame Love Healing session. As I am having marriage issues which has been making me miserable, I decided to give it a go after seeing the testimonials on how it has helped people.

Adrian was very patient and went through all my issues in which he provided some insight. He also explained very clearly how the session will be conducted. It was an eye opening experience for me and after the session, I have been given all the answers I need to know on saving my marriage. After the session, Adrian also gave some advise on how to handle the issues better. I left feeling light hearted and happy, a far cry from when I went.

I would like to thank Adrian for the healing session. It is indeed very helpful. Thank you once again:).

~ “Genesis”, Singapore

My feelings and love for my wife has been re-kindled. More appreciative being together all these years. A very gratifying experience.

Adrian can make it so comfortable and confiding. Thank you so much.

~ Wilson Raj, Singapore

Dear Adrian,

A sincere thank you for all your help and encouragement! Also, thank you for your patience in answering all my seemingly endless questions and guided me through the healing session professionally.

Your Twin Flame Love Healing Session was an eye opening experience for me. I am so glad that I am able to meet my Twin Soul during the session and feel blessed that he came to help you heal my tired soul. I went to your session with a heart full of worries but I left ur session feeling much happier and recharged! I see hope in my relationship with my boyfriend and I feel more confident with myself in handling my boyfriend's extreme mood swing now!

All the best to u Adrian and thank you once again!  

~ “Lyre”, Malaysia  

I had gone through a very painful divorce, and as a single mother with young kids to take care of, I really couldn't envisage how my future will be after my husband left me for another woman. I was so down, and even thought of suicide. But I had my children to take care of. I was so lost and frightened. then I googled the Internet, and found Adrian's website. The thing that struck me was that I felt I was guided by the universe to this point, where I had to get help for my life.

And it truly helped me. I cried and I cried, during the session. I was told this is part of my healing process. Yah, so I've come a long way, and feel so much fresher, and Adrian's healing really helped me. I feel so much lighter in my heart, and no longer feel I'm unworthy to be loved, even though my marriage failed.

I hope Adrian will continue to help all the women out there who are having same problems as I had. Thank you, Adrian!

~ "M", Singapore

When I went to Adrian, I was down because of the situation that I was in. I thought my Husband would never let me go in peace. There was too much negativity.

But after one session with Adrian, I felt his power and energy working through me. Things then happened in the exact way I could hope for. Peaceful.

I thank Adrian for his kind help and I am truly fortunate to have met him. Now I am on my way to achieve a peaceful life. Thank you Adrian.

~ “Silvia D.”, Italy

[Note from Adrian Ng: “Silvia D.” was facing extremely difficult problems and many other complex circumstances that caused her to feel trapped in a painful marriage without love. Despite the almost impossible situation that she had been suffering for many years, the Universe was able to help her clear all the obstacles, and set her on a new chapter in her life where she could finally experience freedom and love again.]

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